Chairperson Desk

Introductory Note by Chairman

Murshidabad Municipality is a historical and heritage town and it has been established in the year of 1869, From that time the distinguished persons of our town took the valuable responsibility to develop the area that the urban people could get some basic amenities. In the course of the progress of our town we have tackled different kind of crisis of the urban people.

Apart from this a large number of economically weaker section comprising of hawker, street vendor, rickshaw peddler, fisherman, cart puller, poor farmer etc. have been residing for a long time in our town. These distressed people of our town are very keen to get a dwelling house at least for making a permanent canopy over their heads. Moreover, the slum dwellers are required to upgrade their lives byproviding a dwelling house and infrastructural developments.

Under this situation, the Central government assisted program of ‘Housing for All under Prime Minister Awas Yojana’ will be very effective to minimise their crisis to a great extent. In response to this, we have an utmost interest to make the specified plan, programs to materialize the scheme. And in this context, we have prepared the DPR under ‘Housing For All as per guidelines and instructions of SUDA and MED. As we made an achievement in IHSDP, we hope this program also will be a milestone achievement and we all are looking forward very eagerly.

Murshidabad Municipality