Proposed Projects

Sl. No.   Sanctioned Projects Amount Release Remaining Remarks
1 Drawal and surrender of fund before March 2018 2. 09 Nos. Drains vide

G.O. No. 323(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/1G-3/2015dt. 19-12-2016 implementation of various schem under BMS
50 % i.e. 60.92 lakh 50%
Claim Submitted
On going
3. 14No. Bituminus Road under ‘DMA’

Administrative approval vide No.
689(49)/MA/P/C-10/1G-1/2016 dt.14-12-2016

50 % Amount release vide G.O. No.245(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-93/2017 dt.02-08-2017
50% i.e. 111.62 lakh 50%
Claim Submitted
On going
3.29 Nos. Drains vide

G.O. No. 133(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-94/2017dt. 06-06-2017 implementation of various schem under BMS
10 % of 28 Nos. and 50 % of 01 No. drain i.e. 86.323 lakh 90%
Claim Submitted
On going
4. 77Nos. Roads under ‘DMA’

50 % Amount release vide G.O. No.135(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-94/2017 dt.06-06-2017
50 % i.e. 305.36 lakh 50%
Claim Submitted
On going
5. Construction of Electric Crematorium

Vide G.O. No. 18 (Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-13/2017 dt.12-04-2017
50% i.e.135.00 lakh 50%
Civil works started
Vetted estimated for Electrical and mechanical part yet to be received for tendering from MED
6. Administrative approval of Water Supply Scheme of Murshidabad Municipality
Vide No. 260/MA/P/C-10/3S-5/2017 dt. 30-04-2017

Total Project Cost =50.25 crore

1005.18 lakh released vide G.O. No. 229(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-5/2017 dt. 27-07-2017 dt.
1005.18 lakh 1.Works for OHR for Zone-A, B, & C started and 25% works completed.

2. Retender for Supply of DI pipe will be invited after receiving modified NIeT from MED

3. Retender for Special will be invited after receiving modified NIeT

4. WTP financial bid documents submitted to the Chief Engineer for SLTC approval

5. Raising main NIeT copy yet to be receive from MED

6. vetted copy of INTEK is yet to be received from MEd.
7. Construction / Renovation / Extension of Municipal Office Building
Vide G.O. No. 378(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/1G-6/2012(Pt-II) dt. 31-01-2017
50% i.e 1610000/- 50%
Claim Submitted
On going
8. Sinking / resinking / maintenance of Tube Well

Vide G.O. No. 357/(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/1G-3/2016 dt. 19-01-2017
Rs. 4078900 Completed
9. 1st Installmet of maintenance of water supply scheme
Vide G.O. No. 224(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/1G-1/2017(Pt) 26/07/2017
50% i.e. 7.61 lakh 50% On going
10. 86Nos. Road under DMA

Vide G.O. No. 464(Sanction)/MA/P/C-10/3S-93/2017(Pt) 12-12-17
25% i.e. 219.43 lakh Yet to the started Tender will be flouted soon
2 Financial Rules. Tender Procedure DDO function Tenders are invited and executed as per FD Memo No. 2254-(FY) dated 24.04.14.
3 Development authority wise / Municipality wise State Plan Expenditure All projects or works is going on under state fund except PMAY -HFA.      
4 Dengue and Malaria preventive increases Dengu And Malaria preventive Measures:

Fund Received – RS 1,90,000/-(SUDA-Health /88/17/256/Dt-22/11/2017)
For Procurement of Fogging Machine And Spray Machine
And RS 2,61,000/- for Larvicidal oil , IEC etc
Fund Utilised - RS 1,90,000/- (if needed our fund was also used )
Fund Utilized - RS 2,61,000/- (if needed our fund was also used )
Measures taken:

a) Spray of Larvicidal oil cover up all the 16 Wards.

b) IEC cover up: - Leaflet, Hoardings, Banners, Miking, Group discussion among the people, Meetings with the councilors, ward committee and general people.

c) Fogging machines and Spray Machine are being used in regular basis.

d) Fever survey of house to house by HHWs consulting with the councilors and prominent individuals of the locality.

e) Detected cases referred to hospital.

5 Nirma Bangla Fund Received for 7,24,000/- (SUDA-health /570/16/112/(125) Dt-26/08/2016)
And 13,40,000 (SUDA-Health /578/17/42(117) Dt - 18/05/2017)
Fund Utilised – RS 7,24,000/- and 13,40,000/- respectively
Measures Taken:

1) Cleanliness drives to all the tourist places ,i.e. Hazarduari palace , Katgola , Katra Mosque , Prakiti Tirtha (Motejheel ), Railway Station, BSF Camp etc

2) Special drive to clean the S.D. Hospital premises, SDO Office Premises, Murshidabad Police Station.

3) Steps taken for construction of IHH Latrins .(Beneficiary selection is completed ,construction of Latrins will be started at earlier interest)

4) Compactor is being utilized in regular basis for collection and disposal of solid waste.

5) IEC i.e. rally ,tabloid ,Group meetings .Mass meetings, Ward level meetings, leaflet, Banners, hoddings etc for special cleanliness drives under Nirmal Bangla
6 Green City Mission Administrative Approval of Green City Mission (Civil Part )
Vide G.O. 1053/T & CP/C-2/IM-15/2017(Pt-II) dt. 26-04-2017
50 % amount released vide G.O. No. 84(Sanction)-UD/P/M/B/2F-18/2017/(Pt.) dt. 08-05-2017
50% i.e. 16741183.00 50%
Claim Submitted
Works is in full swing
7 Green Zone        
8 Housing for All Sanctioned DUs under BLC mode = 963
Amount Released =18.17 Crore
Amount Utilised =15.88 crore
% of Utilisation =87.4%
9 Technical supervision of Scheme by MED MED supervising the following projects:
1. Water Supply Scheme
2. Electric Crematorium

MED is giving technical support for the above mentioned works but in favour of Good quality job , better and intense communication is required with the Municipality
10 Miscellaneous