Vision & Mission

Vision is to accomplish pro-poor, translucent and beneficial urban development and excellent governance along with strengthening on the essential infrastructural services provided to all, living conditions, good environment, and academic benchmarks with unique employment generation programs for the poor, marginalized and financially weak groups of people.
Mission of Murshidabad Municipality is that residents in their areas must get the basic services they need to lead a healthy life. Among the large number of services that Murshidabad Municipality provides some of the most important are:

  1. Collection and disposal of sewage
  2. Municipal health services
  3. Street Lighting
  4. Improving roads
  5. Improving drainage facilities
  1. Provide safe drinking water
  2. Solid squander managing
  3. Give Primary Education
  4. Improvement of Slum areas and
  5. Constantly creation of employment opportunity

At the end we can say that our vision and mission both are to offer a better and healthful life to its inhabitants.